We’re creating a massive library of social media goodness for your church. Our designer, Joe Cavazos, creates beautiful imagery filled with inspirational quotes, Scripture passages, and thoughtful questions to increase engagement on your social media streams.

All you have to do is subscribe, and you get instant access to all this goodness.

How many graphics do you add each month?

We add at least three new graphics each day. The goal of the whole project is that you could literally, on autopilot, post the new image from the day and it would make sense. So leading up to Christmas, we make Christmas images. Leading up to Easter, we make Easter images. You don’t have to run your church’s social media on autopilot if you use SundaySocial.tv, but we won’t tell anyone if you do.

What formats do I get with my subscription?

The $9/month JPG subscription comes in six formats. We make two versions each (blank and with text) for Instagram/Facebook, Stories, and screens. Instagram and Facebook work best with images sized 4:5. If you’re looking for PSD (Photoshop files), we offer a $19/month subscription too that includes those. Compare the plans here.

How do I download the images?

Just hover over the image. You’ll see download options on the right as you browse, or click on the full-size image and scroll through your options on the left. When you hover your mouse over the full-size image, a download button will appear.

Will the price ever increase?

The price will never change for you as long as you’re a member. So if you pay $9/month now, you’ll pay $9/month five years from now. No matter how much the site has grown. Finally, a benefit of being an early-adopter!

What if I schedule my posts far in advance?

From the front page, we give you access to three weeks worth of post options at a time. So you can work super far in advance. (Perfect for that rare vacation you get.)

Will the photos have the SundaySocial.tv watermark on them?

As a member, you get access to unbranded social graphics. All of the photos are watermarked for non-users, but unwatermarked for users. You’re free to overlay your own church’s logo once you’re a member using your favorite graphics editing software.

Can I sign up for a year at a time instead of paying monthly?

Yep! We realize for accounting purposes, an annual plan works best for some people. Sign up through this link for annual billing at $108.

Do you release Photoshop (PSD) files with the subscription?

The JPG subscription ($9/month) only includes JPGs and blank versions. However, there’s a PSD subscription for $19/month. Check out the plan comparisons here.